Here are some reviews of Georges Playgroup. We really appriciate feedback, if you would like to leave a review please email us.

"Thanking the Georges Playgroup staff for their massive support in playing an important role in my childs life. Installing in him the key things that he needs to have before progressing to reception class" - Preschool 2019/2020

"Skylar has enjoyed every part of playgroup. I think she has learnt alot and has grown in confidence. I'll always remember watching her put her coat on by herself for the first time (the special way Marcia taught her). I know Skylar has loved the longer sessions on a Friday, she gets very excited to bring her lunch bag!" - Preschool 2020/2021

"Roman has really enjoyed his time at Georges, we wish he would have been able to attend before he did. He absolutely loves the group and is always excited to be there. This has been the best thing for Roman getting ready for school. We have loved all the pictures and gifts he has brought home. Roman has loved all his sessions and always comes home happy with what he's done." - Preschool 2020/2021

"Elsie has really loved being part of Georges. They are always doing different things and activities. She always talks about her friends and teachers, she has a soft spot for Suzie!! She enjoys duck duck goose and Rugby tots. She likes colouring and chalking on the board. She has made many friends that she will hopefully continue her school journey with. Thank you for helping her grow!" - Preschool 2020/2021

"What a fantastic setting! Isla always has so many good things to say about her days with you and you always manage to slot in so many varied activities and experiences for the children. Thank you so much for all your time and effort planning and making Isla's time at George's so special. She is excited to start biig school and the experiences she has had at Georges will help her integrate so much easier. Thank you!" - Preschool 2020/2021