Our Preschool

What we have been up to:

We are nearly going to big school !! We are focusing on skills that we will need in our new school. Our teachers will be coming over soon to meet us and learn all about what we can do. We have had a go at Dough Disco and loved it so we can't wait to do it again. We all planted beans and are watching them grow on our windows. Next we are looking at our families and what makes us our families.

Red Group - We have been learning how to recognise our names and sequence them in order. We have been looking at numbers and how many things represent that number.
Yellow Group - We have been learning about our names, what they like them and how to write them. We have been looking at ourselves and positive things about us.
Blue Group - We have been looking at our numbers and how we group them. Also at numbers in the world around us.

Latest Letters: